Welcome to 202 - The Friendship House

Friendship House Rules and Policy

1.  Alcohol and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

2.  All weapons and firearms are prohibited.

3.  Criminal activities will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to, gambling, threatening, harassment, disorderly conduct, theft, loitering, pan handling, damage to property, and vandalism.

4.  No sleeping or camping on property.

5.  Animals other than helper dogs are prohibited inside the building. Animals on the property must be restrained on a leash. Any growling or other offensive behavior will require that animal be removed from property.

6.  Personal property may not be stored here.

7.  Unauthorized and improperly parked vehicles will be towed.

8.  Children must be attended and supervised by an adult.

9.  Courtesy and consideration of others is expected.

10.  Shirts, shoes, and proper attire are required.

11.  This is a place of refuge. Therefore, no music playing, TV, or other distracting activity is allowed.

12.  Any other conduct or behavior which interferes with the principles and objectives of Friendship House is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

13.  All guests are expected to leave the premises at the request of any director or employee.


Sexual Harassment Policy

Friendship House is a safe haven where we mend broken minds and spirits. Any form of harassment toward any person, including but not limited to uninvited verbal comments of sexual nature or uninvited physical contact will not be tolerated at the Friendship House. Such behavior is inappropriate, unacceptable and is prohibited. No means no. 

If you are being harassed:

Please notify a member of the Board, the house manager, the cashier,  or staff member.  Please identify the person who harassed you and give a description of the conduct.  The Board members are listed on the downstairs bulletin board. Confidentiality and Anonymity are used at all times. Your complaint  WILL be addressed and action will be taken.

Friendship House Harassment Procedures:

The Friendship House Board of Directors has approved the following procedures in addressing harassment occurring at the Friendship House.

1.  Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is strictly prohibited at the Friendship House.

2.  Harassment is defined as any conduct, verbal or physical which is sexual in nature, which is intended as an unwarranted sexual overture towards another, or which can be perceived by the victim as sexual harassment. Conduct which is prohibited includes but is not limited to physical touching which makes one uncomfortable or embarrassed such as groping, kissing or hugging, unsolicited verbal offers, cat calls, sexual compliments or other speech which is unsolicited, rude, and tawdry.

3.  The Board of Directors will receive and investigate any confidential complaint which is made to the house manager, any member of the Board, a group chairman or sponsor.  The victim’s confidentiality will be respected. The Board requires that it be notified of the date and time of the conduct, the name of the offender, and the type of conduct.

4.  The Board appoints a subcommittee composed of three members, one of which shall be a member of the Board, to investigate each complaint and to recommend an appropriate response. A majority of the subcommittee may recommend any disciplinary action. If disciplinary action is warranted, the action against the offending party requires that at least two members of the subcommittee discuss the decision with the offending party.

5.  Depending on the severity and frequency of the conduct, the conduct committee may impose the following sanctions in ascending order.     -  Verbal reprimand     -  Written warning     -   A ban from Friendship house of from 30-90 days (or longer).     -  A permanent ban.

6.  Verbal and written warnings require a majority of the subcommittee voting in the affirmative. Any ban of from 30 days to a permanent ban requires the approval of the entire Board of Directors. The alleged offender shall be given the opportunity to the full Board regarding the proposed disciplinary action, and may be accompanied by a representative.

7.  The subcommittee’s actions shall be committed to writing,  but sealed to protect anonymity and the rights of both the victim and accused.

8.  Any conduct which constitutes criminal assault, battery, sexual assault, or domestic violence shall result in an immediate report to the appropriate police authorities and an immediate ban.

9.  Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
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